Concept prototype Mazda 6 Takeri debut

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The Japanese concern of Mazda Motor Corporation plans to bring for the International showroom to Geneva concept Mazda Takeri – a prototype of the future generation of a sedan of Mazda 6. For the first time Mazda Takeri has been presented on a showroom to Tokyo in November, 2011, now it is waited by the […]

BMW S.X Concept

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In that Romanian designer Julian Bambu is able to draw, doubts are not present. More recently he suggested us to estimate Lamborghini Insecta. The design then has turned out disputable enough, but interesting and unusual. Now undertook the Bavarian mark. Its vision of BMW is traditional enough. About corporate style he has not forgotten – […]

Mazda Taiki Concept

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The car visually embodies idea of atmosphere (on-japonski taiki) which protects a planet the Earth. Mazda Taiki continues theme Nagare, Ryuga and Hakaze. The concept car is more similar at all to the car, and on space ship from other galaxy. Since the panel of devices and finishing body lines, the internal space and an […]

Concept Honda OSM

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Many consider, that not growing old Honda S2000 it is time on rest. And Japanese, basically, almost with it agree, but while tighten with model updating. However to help to move from a dead point owe a new concept to which the glory of the successor of the well-known roadster was already fixed. At least, […]

Nissan Mixim On Batteries

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The concept can brag of two electric motors, each of which results the shaft. The all-wheel drive hatchback with compact lithium batteries. Nissan Mixim has in the arsenal the doors opening upwards, and three landing places, located under the scheme 1+2, as at well-known McLaren F1. A concept of 3700 millimetres at length, 1800 – […]

BMW CS Concept

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It is not excluded, that lineup BMW will replenish with “eight” about which occurrence hearings for a long time already go, and can, it will be 4 door variant of the sixth series. While no data in this respect are present. In photos it is visible, that the driver’s place is separated from other interior […]

Toyota Hybrid X

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Before designers there was a task in view to embody in the car corporate philosophy of the design consisting of two concepts connected among themselves: J-Factor and Vibrant Clarity. J-Factor expresses aspiration of the company to achieve the world recognition of “the Japanese style» in design, and Vibrant Clarity is a mode to explain, that […]

Nice Mazda Kabura Concept

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You sometime heard a sound of a flying arrow? Is not present? Then you should get acquainted with the new concept car from Mazda which will allow not only to hear it, but also even to see. As the ancient Japanese legend confirms, the arrow which has been started up from a bowstring publishes a […]

Land Rover Range Stormer

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Land Rover Range Stormer debuted on the Chicago International Motor show in 2004. Thanks to the innovative design, this car became an exposition star. Range Stormer it is declared not simply as SUV, and as very fast SUV. However, the unique published characteristics – engine V8 with the strengthened forced aspiration, given by firm Jaguar. […]

Classic Ford Shelby Cobra New Concept

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Among sports car Shelby Cobra – both classics of a genre, and a mechanics masterpiece. Having united in itself the best from engines of group Powertrain and 4,6-litre V8 from Mustang Mach1, motor Shelby has 10 cylinders and volume of 6,4 litres. As a result – 605 h.p. and 679 Nanometers of a twisting moment […]

2004 Dodge Sling Shot

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Sling Shot Concept which debut has taken place on the International Autoshow ’ 04 in Chicago, is the continuer of traditions of first double concept Dodge Razor. As well as its predecessor, Sling Shot is small open double the sport penalties, intended for daily use. Focused obviously on youth, it simple, maneuverable and fervent, but […]

Toyota F3R Concept

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Company Toyota Motors has presented conceptual minivan F3R. The basic lines of model – style and spaciousness. The design of the car causes inconsistent feelings. The angular form, powerful radiator enclosures and the expanded rear of a body give to a concept futuristic lines. But an ex-terrier in F3R not the main thing. The main […]

Aston Martin Rapide Concept

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Rapide from Aston Martin for the first time has been shown on a motor show in Detroit, experts in marketing of the company position model as a 4-door coupe. Among the main competitors – Mercedes CLS, Maserati Quattroporte and Porsche Panamera (the truth, it has not gone yet to a series). Creation of the most […]