2004 Dodge Sling Shot

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Sling Shot Concept which debut has taken place on the International Autoshow ’ 04 in Chicago, is the continuer of traditions of first double concept Dodge Razor. As well as its predecessor, Sling Shot is small open double the sport penalties, intended for daily use. Focused obviously on youth, it simple, maneuverable and fervent, but the main thing – practical and “cool”. When describe the “cheerful” car, usually mean steering. In company Dodge it perfectly understand, and consequently in a rear compartment of the car the 3h-cylinder engine by power 100 h.p. is installed – it is known, that the engines installed behind, raise roadability of the car.
dodge sling shot
The engine is insignificant, but after all and the machine very economic: fuel consumption on 100 km – 5,2 litres. Thus, no “wretchedness” is present, and thanks to small weight dispersal from zero to 100 km/h demands 10 seconds Meanwhile Sling Shot – simply concept car, therefore is not present any concrete information either on options, or on the price or a date started of serial release.