Audi Roadjet Concept

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New Audi Roadjet Concept, presented on a motor show in Detroit, has every chance to inhale a life in updated series A4. Equipped all-wheel drive system Quattro, the car has longitudinal 3,2-litre engine V6 power in 300 h.p. and a 7-speed check point. Dispersal to “hundred” – for 6,4 seconds. In Roadjet there is everything, that will make driving by the present pleasure: the active steering, a windshield from functions of change of a transparency is more true than a part and t.d. The navigating system providing communication with other cars and city infrastructures became the Main opening in a concept.
audi roadjet
In appearance of a concept conservatism is felt, it is sustained in style Audi: solid, prompt and compact. In design of the car there is nothing exclusive and future – it approaches for daily driving. Interior spacious, armchairs separate. Thanks to that rear armchairs move every which way, between them it is possible to place a childrens chair.