Audi RSQ Car From Movie I, Robot

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Concept car Audi RSQ occurrence in a film “I, Robot”, the story of Isaac Azimov picturized on motives, have designated a new epoch product placement an Audi. The autoconcern has declared the possibilities and ambitions the next 30 years. Designers of cinema cars managed to make practically impossible: to keep in the future car (picture action is developed in 2035) corporate style Audi. Characteristic bypasses of a body are borrowed at Audi TT and Le Mans Quattro, front radiator is executed in accuracy, as at Audi A8 L 6.0 Quattro. The spacious and convenient interior is issued in style A6. Doors RSQ, as well as at any standard car of the future, open upwards. The main innovation – spheres instead of wheels – are meanwhile inaccessible to modern cars, but it is a matter of time.
Audi RSQ – not simply car of the protagonist. It much more, than Aston Martin for James Bonda. Allocated with an artificial intellect, the concept car helps hero Uilla Smith to investigate murder. For this purpose founders of the car needed to improve the current technologies and to present, with what they will be in 2035. Unfortunately, it is mentioned nothing power unit RSQ.