Awesome Maybach Exelero

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DaimlerChrysler has once again reduced Maybach and the world famous manufacturer of wheels – Fulda Reifenwerk. In 1930 it together it was possible to create the fastest car in the world. Recently it has been decided to repeat this focus. The concept was created for the only purpose – to cross a boundary in 350 km/h. On it worked both designers, and engineers. The enormous car with classical racing proportions (a long nose and double cabin strongly displaced back) has as a result turned out. Only the sizes of model are that, that the area of a wheelbase has enough for parking Mini.
maybach exelero
Outwardly Exelero distinguish the forms more reminding a boat, an infinite rear screen and borrowed at Mercedes radiator enclosure seating – between two high side panels of a cowl. Very good clamping force is provided by air dams on both edges of the car, combined with air intakes, and the choke tube placed on the tail of a concept. Under a cowl the top-engine of Mercedes-Benz V12 in volume of 5,9 l is installed., However, it of 600 h.p. of power it seemed Maybach a little. The engine with the modified compressor gives out now all 700. The frightening indicator of the maximum twisting moment in 1019 Nanometers, has allowed to embody, however, dream in a reality – on tests in Italy Maybach Exelero has reached speed of 351,45 km/h. The concept is equipped ABS, ESP, systems of stabilisation and the pull-rod control, wheels 315/25 at R23. The interior is issued in black-red scale, the central extension housing – standard for Mercedes.

Cost of workings out – 1 million euro. It is natural, even if the car though in any kind and will go to a series it will be already absolutely other history and absolutely other money