BMW CS Concept

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It is not excluded, that lineup BMW will replenish with “eight” about which occurrence hearings for a long time already go, and can, it will be 4 door variant of the sixth series. While no data in this respect are present. In photos it is visible, that the driver’s place is separated from other interior (including, and from a front passenger armchair) and as if it is taken out in a separate zone. It is not excluded, that Germans prepare one more driver’s car. The history of the Bavarian brand can give a key to a solution: the car with index CS was registered in modelling number BMW with 1968 for 1975. Later this abbreviation was used in a designation of sports models and to understand it follows as “coupe-sports”.
bmw cs
At present that the novelty will divide a platform with a sedan of the seventh series is known only. The concept is longer than present “seven” on six centimeters, but thus on 13 centimeters more low, therefore outwardly the car looks simply huge. Most likely, the car will receive the six-liter 12-cylinder engine.