BMW S.X Concept

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In that Romanian designer Julian Bambu is able to draw, doubts are not present. More recently he suggested us to estimate Lamborghini Insecta. The design then has turned out disputable enough, but interesting and unusual. Now undertook the Bavarian mark.
Its vision of BMW is traditional enough. About corporate style he has not forgotten – made a start from conceptual CS, having given to the car two doors and a stocky silhouette. And, contender Audi R8 is ready. Under a cowl the designer sees at least bi-turbo the eight from Х6 M and Х5 M power of 555 horse powers.
bmw sx
But is as always and a couple enough unacceptable for BMW decisions. From different directions S.X looks perfectly, but here in a cross-section painfully strongly looks like Aston Martin. Like and it is quite good – to follow an example one of the most beautiful marks, but Bavarians concerning design so never arrived. If you are looking for other model BMW’s check out BMW X5, because its one of the best BWM ever made.