Chevrolet Camaro 2008 Model

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Presented, as well as Dodge Challenger, on a motor show in Detroit, Chevrolet Camaro also revives the American automobile traditions of 60 and 70th years. However, unlike Chrysler’а, GM continued to let out various generations of model throughout all time. The new concept is not simple reincarnation of the car of 69th year, and, more likely, a modern embodiment of character and spirit of the first Camaro, the interior keeps “classical” ideas and similar architecture of interior. Under a cowl mighty aluminium 6-litre engine V8 power over 400 h.p., with system of switching-off of several cylinders disappears at partial loadings for fuel economy. To use the power of the motor huge rear 22-inch wheels (lobbies – 21), received, for the first time for 35 years, an independent suspension.

chevrolet camaro concept

It is expected, that the batch production of a sports coupe will begin in 2008, and management GM hopes to make a worthy competition new Ford Mustang, successfully on sale in the USA.