Classic Ford Shelby Cobra New Concept

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Among sports car Shelby Cobra – both classics of a genre, and a mechanics masterpiece. Having united in itself the best from engines of group Powertrain and 4,6-litre V8 from Mustang Mach1, motor Shelby has 10 cylinders and volume of 6,4 litres. As a result – 605 h.p. and 679 Nanometers of a twisting moment at 5,500 rpm without any turbo-supercharging. Theoretically, the concept has speed above 416 km/hour and can already reach 208 km/hour on the third drive though at present the arrester does not allow to squeeze out on it more than 160 km/hour. As it is primary Ford Shelby Cobra it was planned not simply as the beautiful concept car for exhibitions, and as the future serial car it is necessary to pay attention to apparent defect of internal space for feet of the driver. Designers have found out, that at transmission installation on the rear bridge of the car which is connected to  the engine by a cardan, it is possible to use very narrow “tunnel” between places. In comparison with the standard cardan installed behind transmission at a rear wheel drive, here the cardan works TO a check point and its speed of rotation it is ready above usual (it is equal to engine turns). The command of designers Shelby did not face such problems yet. The automated computer designing which has allowed smoothly to join the engine and a check point with a cardan has helped. It was necessary to modify seriously enough knots from Ford GT: and massive aluminium details of a suspender, both a wheelbase, and a bumper, both a cross-section beam, and brakes to instal there a check point. The central part of a frame also has much in common with frame GT. In a front part of a roadster bearing longerons, a steering with pull-rods and a cross-section beam, and also sections of blanking out of blow have taken places at crash and a bumper wooden block.
ford shelby cobra concept
Ford Shelby Cobra on 65 sm is shorter, than GT, even the width of a track is reduced almost on 3 the Fact see, that the frame and knots from GT «had to a court yard» Shelby Cobra, testifies and to flexibility and about high professionalism of a command of designers. Integral aluminium calipers Brembo with four buckets on everyone stand on all four clasp brakes. Disks – 14-inch in front and 13,2-inch behind – provide a necessary braking power and the necessary mode of behaviour.