Ford F-250 Super Chief

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In January on a motor show in Detroit company Ford has decided to show last achievements of concern in the field of alternative fuel. At the same time, “Super Chief” (so the car name is translated) is full of nostalgia on the Golden Age of the American bourgeoisie: he has inherited the name from a high-speed train, in the middle of the XX-th century transporting passengers across the United States in the conditions of obscene luxury. It the approach to interior registration speaks: a black nut and aluminium, a brown skin and boxing with a sliding bar between the isolated rear seats. A number close a glass ceiling with aluminium and put forward sideboards near to rear seats.
ford-f-250 super chief
But main is a maintenance: 10-cylinder turbo engine Tri-Flex in volume 6,8 l., it is capable to work on gasoline, hydrogen and on ethyl spirit. Switching from one mode on another is carried out manually. Indicators it is, of course, separated. If on gasoline or spirit Super Chief gives out 310 h.p. and the maximum twisting moment in 425 Nanometers, a hydrogen mode – only 280 h.p. and 400 Nanometers. Thus, a hydrogen indicator of fuel consumption the biggest: the full tank will suffice on 240 km while ethyl spirit will end through 386 km, and gasoline – through 540 km. In working out of a grandiose concept on dimensions (6,7х2,3х2) design BlockerBeam allowing at crash with not to crush of it under and, thereby also is applied, to lower risk for its passengers. But, as well as it was spoken above, locomotive urged to show, first of all, possibilities of alternative fuel, and in a batch production there can be only its echoes.