Land Rover Range Stormer

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Land Rover Range Stormer debuted on the Chicago International Motor show in 2004. Thanks to the innovative design, this car became an exposition star. Range Stormer it is declared not simply as SUV, and as very fast SUV. However, the unique published characteristics – engine V8 with the strengthened forced aspiration, given by firm Jaguar.
land rover range stormer
The computer gear optimises all properties of the car necessary in a concrete case, not waiting a signal from the driver. All will be corrected so that to provide the best road performance and safety. Probably, this concept becomes the ancestor of a new serial lineup in company Land Rover portfolio. However, there is no confidence that the serial car will keep vertical doors in style Lamborghini and 22-inch wheel disks from alloy Alcoa. Land Rover Stormer has shown to the world everything for what the concept is created: the image of the future created by designers of the company, workmanship (as for high-speed driving, and off-road), refinement and style. If the serial model keeps all specified properties, that, probably, there will be a new SUV-king.