Nice Dodge Hornet Concept Car

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Concept Dodge Hornet is an embodiment of the American representation about cars of class B. Founders present it as the dynamical and pleasant car in steering with the developed possibilities of transformation of interior. Special value is given a car interior, the non-standard approach to the organisation of internal space is applied. The rear seat develops in a proportion 40:60 and if to combine all seats, including driver’s, we will receive an equal platform. The bodies placed on corners 19-inch wheels give to the car original and live shape.
Such decision also positively affects capacity of interior, and for the maximum simplification of access to it doorways are made as much as possible big. In addition, rear doors open in opposite to a course of movement the party. All it will allow possible future owners to use the car as well as the family car. Daddies remain of 1,6 l are happy and the 4-cylinder gasoline engine located under a cowl in volume., which, thanks to a mechanical supercharger, develops completely not “family” power of 170 h.p. and a twisting moment in 224 Nanometers, transferred through a 6-step mechanical gear box on front wheels. In the given kind the concept, most likely, will not appear on roads of the general using, but chances of occurrence tiny Dodge ` and for Europe are high enough.