Nice Mazda Kabura Concept

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You sometime heard a sound of a flying arrow? Is not present? Then you should get acquainted with the new concept car from Mazda which will allow not only to hear it, but also even to see. As the ancient Japanese legend confirms, the arrow which has been started up from a bowstring publishes a sound in transfer into a Latin named «kaburaya». In an antiquity this signal notified on the fight beginning. And as spirit of battles and victories at Japanese in blood, it is no wonder, that the autocompany from «the rising sun country» has given to the car such name – Kabura.

On the dimensions (4050х1780х1280) the elegant coupe “is entered” in an interval between MX-5 and RX-8. From the last Kabura has borrowed a classical drive gear on rear wheels and body outlines. However, the concept left more “brawny”, aggressive and graceful.
mazda kabura
Despite the name, leaving the roots in an antiquity, the car is executed in futuristic style and even something reminds a starprobe vehicle. That also confirms a car interior. The metre panel and a wheel on which the display displaying the indications of a speedometer is located especially impress – it is obviously borrowed from Formula-1. Convenient seats are executed from the plastic fitted by a grid. Besides three high-grade armchairs in a coupe there is also a small developing fourth sitting. As designers Mazda assure, on it can take places not only the child, but also the woman. Probably, Japanese. The interior by all means is pleasant to defenders of animals: in its registration the natural skin practically was not used. Official statement about a car exit in a batch production meanwhile did not arrive. But management Mazda does not exclude such possibility, and for today approximate cost of the future novelty – approximately 20 thousand dollars (for home market) is already known.