Nissan Terranaut

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While cars of a class “lux” try to make the majority of motor-car manufacturers of off-road cars, Nissan goes another by. Terranaut – the car of dream for the meek creature which sits on a rear school desk and does sketches of crystal lattices – such laboratory on wheels, which has been created to make the way anywhere and when necessary. According to the official concept, Terranaut – «a terrestrial equivalent of the lunar go-anywhere vehicle». The concept is intended for scientific expeditions for some days in the most adverse climatic zones, such, as tundra with its permafrost or the Australian desert.
nissan terranaut
Safe delivery of expedition there and back, first of all, is provided with special tyres. Developed by firm Goodyear, they though look unduly soft, but can become firm, as a rock, thanks to button pressing. It is possible to change pressure in tyres according to road conditions – highway or impassability, sand of desert or a dirt. Unlike majority SUV with their seven-seater interior, Nissan Terranaut it is calculated only on three passengers: the driver, the navigator and the technician-laboratorian. Functions of the driver and the navigator are clear, and here a role of the technician-laboratorian – already something more abruptly. Instead of the third row of armchairs and entertaining monitors, interior Terranaut rear is given perfectly equipped laboratory, and the meek creature from a rear school desk sits there, as if in a cabin of the interstellar ship. Besides it, the kitchen, sleeping bags and everything inside are located, that is necessary for a life far from a habitual civilisation. Except the strongest aviation special color, capable to resist to the most extreme temperatures, the car is equipped by the most precise device of the satellite orientation tracing the passed way, and the day/night chamber on telescopic “hand”. As well as any fantastic concept, Terranaut – only dream which can go to a series of years through fifty, by the most optimistical estimations.