Toyota Hybrid X

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Before designers there was a task in view to embody in the car corporate philosophy of the design consisting of two concepts connected among themselves: J-Factor and Vibrant Clarity. J-Factor expresses aspiration of the company to achieve the world recognition of “the Japanese style┬╗ in design, and Vibrant Clarity is a mode to explain, that such J-Factor, original art language of the designer. Probably, knowing this language live, basically, in Europe, anyway, it was developed Hybrid X in the south of France, in belonging Toyota the design centre. As well as in many modern concepts, a wheel have transformed into similarity of a steering wheel and have as much as possible expanded the area with glass. Besides, founders Hybrid X have cleaned all buttons and switches from the extension housing, devices and gauges have transferred on screens, and one of them have arranged on the central extension housing, and the second – in the steering wheel center. At external severity and laconic geometric forms, the car is exclusively friendly in relation to the driver thanks to exclusive ergonomics and a saturation multimedia systems.
toyota hybrid-x concept 2007
Besides, according to founders, Hybrid X pawns bases of technology Hybrid Synergy Drive. Its consecutive development will allow the Japanese company to take a leading place in the future when the market will be won by new vehicles, more harmless, convenient and made.