Nissan Terranaut

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While cars of a class “lux” try to make the majority of motor-car manufacturers of off-road cars, Nissan goes another by. Terranaut – the car of dream for the meek creature which sits on a rear school desk and does sketches of crystal lattices – such laboratory on wheels, which has been created to make […]

Ford SVT Sport Trac Adrenaline

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Generally off-road cars-lorries, huge and sluggish which constantly are in the way and stand to us in light Divine where we went – a true damnation. A unique thing which motorists hate even more, than auto trucks are their drivers. But this auto truck, Ford SVT Sport Trac Adrenalin, is pleasant to all. It is […]

Chrysler Firepower Concept

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The decision to “freeze” concept Chrysler ME Four-Twelve because of it ostensibly inexpediency, looked as a recognition of America, that she not in a condition to create magnificent double sport penalties. But the company again has surprised all, having shown in Detroit model Firepower. On the one hand, the car is similar to increased version […]

2006 Volkswagen Concept A

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On last motor show in Geneva spectators could see the ideal car from Volkswagen. A silhouette – a coupe,  the extended cowl where the flat rear wall appears quite functional door of a luggage compartment. The heel of a door and at all leans back as at a pickup. The traditional radiator enclosure is combined […]

Nice Dodge Hornet Concept Car

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Concept Dodge Hornet is an embodiment of the American representation about cars of class B. Founders present it as the dynamical and pleasant car in steering with the developed possibilities of transformation of interior. Special value is given a car interior, the non-standard approach to the organisation of internal space is applied. The rear seat […]

Concept Dodge Challenger 2006

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Concept car Dodge Challenger shown in January on a motor show in Detroit later of 35 years revives truly American muscle car and continues traditions of engines Hemi. Recently Tom LaSorda, the president of concern Chrysler, has officially given green light to the given project. The serial car should appear in 2007. The long cowl, […]

Ford F-250 Super Chief

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In January on a motor show in Detroit company Ford has decided to show last achievements of concern in the field of alternative fuel. At the same time, “Super Chief” (so the car name is translated) is full of nostalgia on the Golden Age of the American bourgeoisie: he has inherited the name from a […]

Awesome Maybach Exelero

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DaimlerChrysler has once again reduced Maybach and the world famous manufacturer of wheels – Fulda Reifenwerk. In 1930 it together it was possible to create the fastest car in the world. Recently it has been decided to repeat this focus. The concept was created for the only purpose – to cross a boundary in 350 […]

2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept

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As well as all models Imperial in history Chrysler ` and, the concept of 2006 is designed as elegant lux-sedan, a company leader. Constructed on a platform 300С, it “has grown up” in all directions and towers on the 22-inch wheels, majestic and monumental. High landing not only provides impressive appearance, but also offers more […]

Chevrolet Camaro 2008 Model

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Presented, as well as Dodge Challenger, on a motor show in Detroit, Chevrolet Camaro also revives the American automobile traditions of 60 and 70th years. However, unlike Chrysler’а, GM continued to let out various generations of model throughout all time. The new concept is not simple reincarnation of the car of 69th year, and, more […]

Audi RSQ Car From Movie I, Robot

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Concept car Audi RSQ occurrence in a film “I, Robot”, the story of Isaac Azimov picturized on motives, have designated a new epoch product placement an Audi. The autoconcern has declared the possibilities and ambitions the next 30 years. Designers of cinema cars managed to make practically impossible: to keep in the future car (picture […]

Audi Roadjet Concept

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New Audi Roadjet Concept, presented on a motor show in Detroit, has every chance to inhale a life in updated series A4. Equipped all-wheel drive system Quattro, the car has longitudinal 3,2-litre engine V6 power in 300 h.p. and a 7-speed check point. Dispersal to “hundred” – for 6,4 seconds. In Roadjet there is everything, […]